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A Culture of Kindness

Whether it’s in the classroom or on the playground, we promote a positive and supportive environment for all. As students progress through the grades, their SEL skills and tools  compound. By fifth grade, they become ambassadors of RBE’s shared values of kindness, respect, and personal responsibility, and they take those skills on to their next school  community.

Developing Empathetic & Thoughtful Citizens

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is an integral part of RBE curriculum through which we engage students in building collaborative classrooms and a strong school community.  Learn more about some of the curriculum that we incorporate into our program from The Institute for Social and Emotional Learning and Responsive Classroom.

We infuse SEL instruction throughout the day. Our program works to build student capabilities in four key areas: listening and communication skills; empathy and the ability to see multiple perspectives; self-awareness and reflection; and collaboration and conflict resolution.

Daily Practice

Our teachers dedicate regular class time each week for students to listen and support each other. With encouragement and modeling by our faculty, students practice and apply SEL skills in a variety of ways: using “I”  statements, cooperative games, inside and outside voices, journaling, mindfulness, class circle meetings, and restorative justice practices.

Quick Tips to Using

Restorative Justice in the Classroom

Intervention Lead

Brian Cooper
ex: 06301

Monthly Life Skills

August: Respect
September: Cooperation
October: Compassion
November: Patience
December: Empathy
January: Optimism
February: Forgiveness
March: Self-Reflection
April: Self-Control
May: Perseverance
June: Gratitude

Toolbox of Life Skills


The 4 Be's

Click here for more info about our PBIS systems! 


Mr. Cooper shares his knowledge about the 1st tool in our toolbox. How do you use the Breathing Tool at school and at home?