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5th Grade Design Challenge

Students were designing a table for the STEAM Studio, in partnership with Alameda Bright Coalition.

Table Model Assembly
Field Trip to CoA & ASTI
ASTI Students, all Ruby Alumni!


Mandie Cline

Fall 2022
Studio & Lab

paper plates, all sizes
egg cartons
packing peanuts
strawberry baskets
AA batteries
origami paper
cereal and shoe boxes
various color Duct Tapes



Steam Websites

Art Games

Engineering, Go For It!

Everything Art!

NASA Kids' Club

PBS Cyber Chase

Babble Dabble Do


Please note the above websites are 3rd party and not affiliated
with Alameda USD

Social Media for Parent/Guardians

Alameda Bright Coalition

Alameda Bright Coalition is a one-of-a-kind collaboration between Ruby Bridges Elementary, Wood Middle School, Alameda Science & Technology Institute, and College of Alameda FabLab. Our collective mission is to provide ALL of our students with equitable and challenging experiences for advanced academic opportunities.

Through the STEAM lens, our campuses share a universal connection and desire to enrich the lives of our students together. By attending school events on each campus, planning field trips together, and hosting opportunities for older students to mentor younger students, we continue to nurture the Whole-Child.

We look forward to growing this partnership and are looking for any family volunteers who would be interested in facilitating and supporting A.B.C. Please contact Ms. Cline for more information and for volunteer opportunities.